Cambridge Energy Research Associates
Canadian International Development Agency
Candax Energy Inc.
CGX Energy Inc.
EMR Microwave Technology Corporation
Emtech Technology Corporation
Enviromena Power Systems Inc.
Government of Jordan
Jerez Energy, Inc.
Ontario Occupational Skills Center
Shoal Point Energy Corp.
Suncor Inc.
Team Syntegrity Inc.
Vena Resources
Ziff Energy Group

"PCIMS in partnership with CIDA and the World Bank were please to utilize the expertise of Innovation Management to provide practical corporate and operational experience with a knowledge of organizational effectiveness, design, and systems"

John S. Hepton
Regional Manager, Asai and Middle East
Petro-Canada International Management Services

"Rapidly understood our strategic planning and helped us develop creative options compatible with our core competencies"

Peter D. Hopkins
Vice President, Corporate Planning & Development, Suncor Inc.

"It would be very hard to find a more qualified source of systems thinking, interactive planning, and organizational development"

Dr. Russell L. Ackoff
Chairman, INTERACT – The Institute for Interactive Management

"Valuable economic and financial modeling for project feasibility…part of our program to apply our new technology."

Dr. James M. Tranquilla
President and CEO, EMR Microwave Technology Corporation

"John initiated our first benchmarking of the main technologies used in exploration and development in western Canada"

Paul Ziff
President, Ziff Energy Group

"An intelligent, objective and innovative group facilitator and team builder…focused on improved problem solving and decision making"

Joe Truss
President, Team Syntegrity Inc.

"Fast methods to generate a vision or tackle complex problems, easy implementation."

Ralph A. Werner
Vice President, Union Bank of Switzerland